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Default Under floor heated Oak Plank floor issue

On Thursday, 14 May 2020 18:08:07 UTC+1, Mr Sandman wrote:
I rent out a house I used to live in, it has oak planks, t+g, glued down with special UFH glue. It worked for 6 years fine, no issue. But after we rented it out, they don't use the under floor heating (as they have asthma....?) and the floor suddenly has jacked up and went lumpy, and now 2 planks have 'popped' out.
I have said they need to put UFH back on to drive out the moisture, but they haven't (as they have asthma and it smells?)
I've said no one can sort it until the floor has propa dried out. Anyone in the staffs/ Derbyshire area Nr Uttox Burton that can take a look? I need someone to speak sence to them and explain it needs to dry out before the planks can go back in...! They won't listen to me as I'm no expert....

I now live in france and can't get to uk easily......Covid!

Use a dehumidifier, if the heat can't be used.