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Default CCFL-inverter iMac 20"

Bo-Lennart wrote:
Den måndag 20 april 2020 kl. 20:37:14 UTC+2 skrev Bo-Lennart:
Hi all out there.
I got an old iMac 20 inch from 2007, with no backlight.

I open up the iMac and found the inverter.
The inverter is made by DARFON, TW.
The modell is: 4H.V2471.001

I check the transistor, diods and so on.
I found 2 suspect transistors.Q2 qnd Q4. Two SOT-23. They are labeled: RKM35, I don't know if it's a NPN or PNP or even a mosfet.
Is there some one that have worked with this inverter, I mean in component-level.
I mailed DARFON, but I got a reply from postmaster, saying that they could't deliver my mail, becouse DARFON inbox is full.
Mybee they went out of busnees, and forgot to close the mail-accont.

I would appriciate any help from You.

Bo-Lennart Karlsson

Thank You JC.
I think You are right, that it is a MosFet-transistor. I don't have them in stock, so I have to order them.
Are You familier with that inverter, made by DARFON?
There is a 4-pin connector that supply the inverter with power and control-voltage. Pin 1 = + 12V, Pin 2 = ground, Pin 3 = proberly(?) the brigthnees control and Pin 4 = 3,3Volt
They selling these inverter on E-bay, but shipping cost will sometime be more than for the inverter.
I've got this iMAC for free, but I don't wanna pay to much to get it up and running. Anyway, the computer is 13 years old. If I got it running, it will not be at the top of iMAC-computers.

Bo-Lennart Karlsson

No, not familiar, I do a lot of switchers so I get to know a lot of
transistor codes.
Good luck!