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Default Waterproofing for concrete blocks?

It's much safer to place the mobile home somewhere distant from where
you live. Then the tornados will touch down distant from your home.

Trailers are tornado magnets.


Suzu wrote:
I live in Tornado Central in a mobile home and it scares me half to death
when we have tornados in the area, so I'm thinking of building a shelter. I
only have flat land to build on, therefore the structure will only be partly
underground, and the remainder bermed with the excavated earth.

My plan is to use concrete blocks with mortar and rebar in the center and
Q-bond on both sides, but I am not sure if Q-bond waterproofs the blocks.
Has anyone used this stuff before? If you have to use a separate
waterproofing agent, do you apply it over or under the Q-bond?