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Default OT Best way to protect bare metal surface for use in woodworking ?

On Thu, 6 Feb 2020 15:20:51 -0800, OtterGuy

What is the best way to protect bare steel metal surface (IT RUSTS
EASILY) for use in woodworking ? It is on a band saw.

What part of the band saw? Steel, stainless, cast iron, pot metal,
saw blade, etc???? It helps to know what you're trying to protect.
Also, some of the coating methods I suggested below are not
appropriate for some flavors of steel.

Bee's Wax ?
Suggestions please.

Cold bluing or passivation is probably the easiest, cheapest, and
least protective method of protecting steel. The problem with wood
working machinery is that it will abrade away the surface coating,
expose the underlying steel, and proceed to rust. Hot bluing is more
durable but requires multiple layers of bluing:

If you want better protection, I suggest:
1. Nickel electroplating.
2. Black chrome plating over nickel.
3. Powder coated paint.

If you need the surface to absorb oil for lubrication, I suggest

Nickel plating, you can probably it do yourself at home.
The others, I suggest you send the unspecified band saw part to a
plating shop and have them plate it.

For powder coating paint:
or ask at your local automobile paint shop.

If you don't mind re-coating the steel part, try one of the rust
inhibiting sprays or coatings. For example:

Also see:

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