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Default Progress Report - Phase Converter, Plus

On 9/13/2019 8:53 AM, Jack wrote:
On 9/11/2019 7:04 AM, Sonny wrote:
On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 9:32:18 PM UTC-5, dpb wrote:


None of that hurts anything, but seems way overboard to me...what's
going to happen to a TEFC motor w/ a little airborne dust around?

I bought most of my stationary tools used in 1975 from a friends father.
He bought the tools new around 1954-ish.* None of the tools (TS, BS, DP,
Jointer, jig saw, lathe) had TEFC motors. They all still run perfectly,
despite all the dust.* The TS quit when I first got it as it was packed
with saw dust to the point the starter wouldn't engage. I ripped it
apart and cleaned it up, works perfect.* I then placed an old nylon
stocking over the motor vent openings to keep out the large chunks of
saw dust. Has been working fine ever since. Never had any problems with
other motors. My dust collector, Planer, shaper, disk sander and belt
sander all have TEFC motors and of course no dust problems there either.

I'm not recommending non TEFC motor housings in a wood shop BUT, 65 or
so years in a wood shop, with 6 major wood tools means you should have
zero worries with a TEFC motor in your shop, w/o the need for elaborate
filters. I'd worry more about heat build up, but even that in your
situation is probably moot.

In roughly same time frame, I've also had only one motor that failed to
start owing to dust collected in the starter contacts area--that was on
the little Delta shaper back in late '70s while was building the kitchen
cabinets for Dad. Blew it out and back in business in half an hour (had
to take it off and take to the barn to get to the compressor or it would
have only been 10 minutes or less). It's still running now and while
reminds me I probably should, don't believe I've done it again since and
just been using it fairly regularly in last several weeks.

So, it just isn't a real issue for anything other than a 40-hr week
heavy-use commercial shop, I agree.

That said, TEFC is better, obviously, and overkill never really hurts
unless do actually start spending real money needlessly.

I just took pictures yesterday of the converter/control station back in
the back of the barn...I'll try to get them posted relatively shortly.
Not a pristine environment, for sure!