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Default Had To Chuckle

The message open carry sends is: the world is dangerous and scary, we can't trust the government, it's everybody for themselves.

It is. When I fired a lawyer it was because he told me something. The deal is the thought I was drunk but I wasn't. I was sick and in a ****load of pain and they took that as stumbling. The lawyer told me if they hadn't busted me and I went on to hurt myself or others they could be sued. I already knew that wasn't true, and can drag my writ in here proving otherwise, citing five high court cases, know of them THE supreme court with Antonin Scalia writing the majority opinion.

I got the document on my other PC, a laptop, yik. I doubt I'll ever buy another. I'll drag it in here. It has all the info, case numbers and all that ****.

The bottom line is while you can sue them for things they do, you cannot sue them for things they do not do. They could watch someone blow your head off and just drive away and there isn't a damn thing anybody can do about it..

If you doubt, look it up. I did. And I got it from dot govs and dot edus, not some Alex Jones type bull**** here.