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Default Source of lightning plug

On Monday, 22 July 2019 05:15:24 UTC+1, Phil Allison wrote:
Some Criminal Nut Case calling itself tabby wrote:

And yes, I know the difference between 'lightning' and 'Lightning' and 'usb' and 'USB'....and anybody with 1/2 a brain would understand the meaning and context of the question.

** There was no context, you bul****ting ass.

Well there is the thread heading 'source of lightning plug'

** Yawnnnn - so ****ing what?

Then there were the sentences in the OP that made it all pretty clear.

** Nothing was clear from the OP's first post alone.

You bull****ting ass.

** Yawnnnnnn, Lightning does it alone as it indicates a trade name - dickhead.

YOU have a horrible aversion to using capitals, like so many of your SMS lingo fingering half wit friends.

I'll let the resident neurotic

** Nothing neurotic about me - asshole.

no-one could care less if he capitalises it.

** Now the lying pile of criminal excrement speaks for the WHOLE world ???!

Wot an egomaniac raving lunatic.

Nothing but a POS, ****head, damn troll.

..... Phil

What you don't understand is that you're in your own world.