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Default GFCI Outlet in Garage Keeps Tripping

On 6/18/19 9:14 PM, Ryanallen11 wrote:
So I have a GFCI outlet in my garage that keeps tripping. It first
happened 2
days ago. When I hit the reset button, everything turned back on and worked
fine for a while. It tripped again yesterday, and same thing. I reset it
everything was good. Today when I first noticed it tripped, I reset it
and it
stayed on for about 5 minutes before it tripped again. Now every time I
it, it lasts for less than a minute before tripping again. During the 30
minutes or so that I was just playing with it, there was about a minute
hitting the reset button would not do anything and it would just
pop back out but then went back to staying on for ~ 30 seconds before
again. Any clue on what could be causing this?

I had a GFCI in my kitchen (also on an exterior wall) with that problem.
The electrical box was full of dead ants.


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