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Default What to salvage from a large LCD tv?

On 15/05/2019 20:51, wrote:
Hi, I'm a newbie here.
My 14 year old broke our 75" Samsung LCD tv last week by slipping on a remote he didn't put away and hitting his head into it. The extended warranty doesn't cover a kid's head smashing into it. We saved for a long time to splurge on the $1,800 cost about 18months ago. Ouch. The glass is fine, but when you turn it on, the LCD is clearly and significantly shattered in the top left corner. Is there any Youtube video or other guidance on what parts to try to salvage (and resell on Ebay) before I just put this in a dumpster? If so, what's the possible resale in parts? Not worth it for, say, $50, but I would consider salvaging parts if possible to get more than that.. Advice/Opinions appreciated.

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