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Default Will this capacitor work?

In article ,

Hi guys, the motor run capacitor for my rolling shutters tubular motor
died. The cap case size is 35mm x 78mm and this is critical because it
must fit inside the motor enclosure. I've looked at hundreds of 20 F
capacitors and they all were at least 40mm diameter (too wide). Then I
found a capacitor that is 25mm x 56.5mm. This is tiny and I'm thinking
it must be too good to be true. Can you help me decide if this
capacitor will run this motor? The printing on the original capacitor
Arcotronic ? (purchased by KEMET)
Part Number C.87.7ZF2 MKP
20 F +/-5% b
320 V~ HPF N
(In the USA voltage is 120 volts)
(out of production for years, none available)
And the data sheet for the prospective new little one:

I do not see any reasonthat it would not work. It is a motor run
capacitor. The uF is the same and the voltage rating is as high or
higher (much higher in this case). While not really important in your
cse, the temperature rating is 85 deg C. It would be better if it was
over 100 deg C. That just usually indicates a bette capacitor, but not
really needed in your case.