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On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 2:18:57 PM UTC-5, Ralph Mowery wrote:
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I was given the same info by the urologist, but I've found out that just about everyone I spoke to about kidney stones were all big tea drinkers. While tea may not have any calcium oxalate, it may cause some sort of unknown reaction that will somehow foment something in the body that creates stones.

I switched to green tea (black tea is supposedly worse as are dark sodas), have just one cup at night during the winter, and chase it with a glass of water right before bed.

I doubt that the doctors have any idea about what to drink.

I am 68 and have drank Southern Black sweet tea as almost my only drink
when I can get it. Never had a stone.

Fellow at work is a few years younger and he does not drink soft drinks.
He has stones all the time.

But we're talking about restrictions for folks who have a propensity to develop stones. People who have had one will usually get dozens or more in their lifetime.

Some people have to watch their sugar and carbs like a hawk. My A1C last checkup was 5.0. I can eat sugar all day long and not worry about diabetes, and I'm 61 years old. Those (like my wife) whose A1C is higher have to watch their carbs and are given certain diet restrictions.

So we're not saying that a certain food or drink will give you stones, we're saying that those folks who are susceptible to kidney stones have specific foods and drink on their moderation list.