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Default Compressors - kinda on topic !

On 2018-12-04, Leon Fisk wrote:
On Tue, 4 Dec 2018 07:39:25 -0600
Terry Coombs wrote:

[ ... ]

Mine is wired for 110 but can be switched to 220v by moving wires in
the motor. The start cap is 649MFD and 110VAC with a plastic case. The
run cap is in a metal case. So that 110 value maybe okay (shrug). A
picture he

At least the start cap should do at 110 VAC even if the motor is
wired for 220 VAC. In that case, the start winding is connected between
the center tap of the two run windings and one end, so it only sees 110
VAC (or 120 VAC depending on local power voltage).


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