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Default EICR , smoke alarms and rented flats

On Fri, 23 Nov 2018 08:07:18 +0000 (GMT), "Dave Liquorice"

On Thu, 22 Nov 2018 20:50:03 +0000, Max Demian wrote:

However the most disturbing one is a flat that a tenant moved into

weeks ago. The mains had been disconnected from the smoke, taped

up and
shoved into the ceiling as well as the battery having been

Almost certainly like that when she moved in 4 weeks ago.

Implying that the Land Lord didn't check the detector as part of any
"pre delivery inspection".

If they are linked burning toast in one flat will set them all off.

Which depending on the buildings construction (and modifications)
might be a good thing... However such a system has to be fairly
immune to false alarms from burning toast,

An alarm from burning toast is not a false alarm but the detector
doing its job and alerting the occupants that it has detected the
products of combustion (not necessarily smoke).

or the smokes will get
disabled. If the kitchen opens into the hallway the chances are it
won't be immune to false alarms. A hallway detector needs to be a
smoke based one not temperature.

Therein lies problem, Mrs Smith is a bit forgetfully and often singes
the bacon or overcooks the toast. Mr Jones the student doesn't
understand that letting the baked beans sit on the hob for 60 mins
will write off another saucepan and set off the alarms. Mr Williams
who works nights is seriously ****ed off by being constantly woken by
these events so whacks the detector until it stops making a noise. Mr
Abdul smokes a Hookah which regularly sets off the alarm because some
well meaning idiot put a detector in the lounge.etc. No one has yet
discovered a reliable "Hey this really is a fire you need to do
something!" alarm.