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Default EICR , smoke alarms and rented flats

On 22/11/18 21:37, wrote:
On Thursday, 22 November 2018 19:14:09 UTC, ARW wrote:
I am doing an EICR on a block of 38 rented flats all owned by the same
company. One and two bed flats with just a single mains powered smoke in
the hallway (as per regs when they were built in 1994)

I don't know how much smoke detectors have changed, but my five never have false alarms. I have to go around testing them intentionally.

Or perhaps my cooking's got better.


The only thing that sets mine off is plumbing soldering. Or very
occasionally if I griddle-pan chargrill several chicken breasts and
forget to open a door for the duration.

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