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Default Can I remove the choke?

In article ,

I have an older laptop PC. It has a inline transformer. In other words,
the transformer is between the wall plug and the PC. The little plug
came off where it plugs into the PC. I have some of those plugs, but
there is not enough wire between a cord choke, that is right at the end
of the cord by the PC. It's molded on the wire so I cant move it.

The choke is to help stop the computer and switching power supplies from
sending out signals that can cause reception problems with other

As far as the computer goes it is not needed at all. Without it any
device near by that has a receiver may not work correctly. That can
include the wireless mouse and keyboard or wifi modem that is used with
the computer you are using. Mostly rare cases, but can hapen.
FM radios may not work well that are near by.