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Default RCA TV(s) Turns Itself On and Off

"Guys, unless I'm reading the OP's post incorrectly, he fixed the TV with new contacts. I think he was just passing along the info and story. "

You're right. But the info applies to new TVs should a similar case come up..

That is unless it uses those capacitive buttons. Whoever decided to use those for this application needs to be boiled in bacon grease. On a pitch black background, and the labels only light up if you touch them, bull****. I want a button protruding and I want tactile feedback. If they can't do that I will keep my 30+ year old TVs and when they no longer get a signal I will break out the VCRs. Actually they are out because there has been practically nothing worth watching produced in the past 25 years. Even the news. Instead of telling us what mischief city council is up to they want to tell us about this new gizmo we can buy. That is not news. Garbage.

Whenever possible I will hep to keep this old stuff running. Any exceptions, yes but they are really complete junk from back when. They were out there..

So it stands. Nobody can delete it anyway. But you are still right.