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Default Cracked Set Screw

On 5/18/2018 11:29 AM, Carl Ijames wrote:
"Bob La Londe" wrote in message news
I was taking a bunch of tool holders out of service the other day, and I
couldn't get the set screw out of one in order to push the tool out. It
felt like the set screw was rounded out, but the set screw looks ok, and
a long handle hex key seemed to feel ok in the hole.

This morning after firing up the shop and getting jobs cutting I took a
look at it, and the set screw is cracked right down the side. When I
try to turn the screw the crack widens up and the wrench pops around
inside the hole. Its not a big deal I guess. These tool holders only
sell for around $50 used, but hey. $50 is $50.

Any suggestions. I have considered trying to tap in an oversized hex
key, but its right there. I have a drawer full but I haven't found that
one that feels like it almost wants to fit.
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Go to and put 2892 in the search box to see that catalog
page. They have tapered hex keys that you drive into a stripped head and
then turn out with a wrench. I've used the M5 size at least a dozen times
(although a Torx T20 does that job well and is usually handier) with
success. They have ones for socket cap screws and ones for socket set
screws, not sure what the difference is, maybe the length of the taper.
Anyway, maybe it would expand the screw against the threads and grip well
enough to turn it out without galling the threads? If you have a
sacrificial hex key that is a size too large you could grind your own taper
and try that (and save the $12.50 :-)). With the crack you probably want a
pretty steep taper, anyway.

I buy 1/8, 5/32, and 1/4 inch by the 100ct box because I package hex
keys with molds so the customer doesn't have to hunt one down to use the
mold. (clamping screws, slidebar retention, etc) This set screw just
happens to be 7/32, so a little work on a 1/4" on the belt sander to
make my own tapered key might just do the trick. Thanks. Even if it
doesn't do the trick its a great idea.