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Default 125v e3A fuse needed

On Sat, 10 Mar 2018 22:59:20 -0500, Tim Schwartz

On 3/10/2018 10:34 PM, wrote:
where can i buy a 125v e3A fuse for my vcr?
Tony, not really familiar with that designation. First, a 125V or a

250V rating will be fine. You'd be best off mentioning the make and
model of you VCR.

To answer your question these vendors will have a vast array of fuses:

It is unusual for a fuse to blow just for the heck of it. If it is a
typical glass tube fuse, is the element broken or has it plated the
inside of the glass?

If a second fuse blows right away, there are other issues in your VCR.


Since you dont know the cause of the blown fuse, and it's on a obsolete
VCR, just take a common 3AG type of fuse, (of proper current rating),
and put it into one of them cheap automotive fuse holders and put a
small alligator clip on each end. Then just clip across the current fuse
holder and plug in your VCR. If this fuse blows you have other problems
and need to decide if this VCR is worth fixing.If it dont blow and the
VCR works, either locatethe correct fuse, or just solder one of them
automotive fuse holders across the one in the VCR.

Any fuse of the proper current and voltage will work. They just made
those special oddball ones to make more money...