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Default Old UIniversal Remote

If you remember back in the CTC195 days, how the remote was...

Well we got this old Toshiba, maybe a 32A32 ? Also a Direct TV remote which is by RCA. I want to program it for the Toshiba just to work the TV/VIDEO and menus, and I think maybe this will do it.

I searched and searched for the codes, and the method for setting it. I would rather set it rather than search for the right code but I can't even find the instructions for that.

Of course I don't expect an RCA OEM remote to program to other TVs, but a Direct TV one should. Now at their site they have the new ones, which have the instructions in the cable box apparently.

And there were universals sold at the stores shaped the same and didn't come with an RCA TV. Should be the same TV codes no ?

Anyone remember how to work these beasts ?

We can get up to change sources and adjust the picture but the keys on the set are dirty and being the resistive ladder type you press a button and it does pretty much what it damn well pleases.