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Default Screwdriver bits

On 2018/02/23 7:42 PM, Tom Del Rosso wrote:
I just twisted a torx bit into a spiral trying to remove a rusted screw,
then used a Dremel to cut a slot across the top and took it out with a
flat screwdriver. The screwdriver didn't bend at all.

None of the bits I ever saw are made of hardened steel like a
single-piece screwdriver. Does anybody make harder bits?

Get good quality bits and your problem goes away. If you buy off Amazon
or eBay then you get 3rd world quality, not 1st world.

Try some Hazet tools some time as an example of 1st world quality. Be
sure you get them from a factory authorized distributor or you are
likely to just buy counterfeit.

There is a reason why some brands of tools cost more than others...

John :-#)#

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