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Default Gas discharge bulb

"philo" wrote in message
On 02/05/2018 06:01 PM, wrote:
On Monday, 5 February 2018 22:48:44 UTC, philo wrote:

It is not one of those, thank you, I will post a photo later.
There is nothing inside that I can see.

At any rate, if this halogen lamp works, it will probably be safer

yeah, we need to know what type of lamp really. Telling us the light
colour would be a start, and over how long the brightness increases.


Found a part number , it's this

It seems to be a 5000 watt lamp

HID lamps aren't my thing, but I believe they take a huge voltage spike
to start. Halogen will give a small fraction of the output at that
wavelength, increasing process times hugely.


He said that it could do a burn in a minute or two but he does not need to
go that fast. He is hoping to do it in less than 15 I will
have to wait for him to test it to see if it works at all.

Thank you

Be very careful with that lamp. They are under very high pressure and can
explode if dropped or scratched.