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Default Gas discharge bulb

On 02/05/2018 02:19 PM, Jon Elson wrote:
philo wrote:

It had "complex" circuitry and as far as I could tell, it first applied
a "lower" voltage to the bulb (perhaps 230 volts). Then after it warmed
up, would boost the voltage to 600 or so.

I know nothing about gas discharge lights, I was wondering if anyone
here has an info. As far as I could tell, they emit a lot of UV.

Are you sure about all these details?

From your description, I'm thinking this could be a Mercury short-arc lamp.
Check eBay item 201564167114 and see if your bulb looks something like

If so, it takes a high voltage to strike the arc, and then runs something
like 4 A at 60 V or so, for a 200 W lamp.

Mercury short-arc lamps (as opposed to Xenon lamps) have a couple of really
STRONG UV lines that are good for exposing photosensitive materials used in
the screen printing industry. And, WATCH out for your eyes, the UV out of
these things can be BRUTAL! ONE minute exposure will give you a blistering

There are other exposing lights I've seen that had a zig-zag tube like a
tiny neon sign lamp. I've never seen the power supply for those.


It is not one of those, thank you, I will post a photo later.
There is nothing inside that I can see.

At any rate, if this halogen lamp works, it will probably be safer