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Default What to measure when adjusting clutch pedal bolt?

On 28/01/2018 8:47 AM, Clare Snyder wrote:
On Sat, 27 Jan 2018 16:37:44 +1100, Xeno

On 27/01/2018 1:47 PM, Mad Roger wrote:
On Fri, 26 Jan 2018 13:13:56 -0800,
Oren wrote:

Why is it you think the clutch pedal "feel" is not an aspect of the
adjustment? The throw out bearing needs to release from the clutch
plate in the bell housing. You can't adjust it by a ruler. You need
a little slop in the pedal so the plate is not always engaged at the
risk of burning the plate. least back in the day. Two cents.

It's not my vehicle, and the "feel" stinks no matter what position it's in.

The feel doesn't stink just because *you* don't like it.

What changes is that it engages early, or late, but not in a way that I
like either way.

It will either take up early or it will take up late. It cannot do both,
either one or the other. Clutches simply cannot work the way you are
imagining they do.

So I can't adjust it by feel because there is no position that feels right
to me.

This is a situation where pedancy will stuff you up right royally.

Therefore, I just want to adjust it by the book.

Do you have the *book* handy? If not, you are lost.

The method used to adjust a clutch will depend entirely on the mechanism
employed. There are 3 general possibilities in common use; hydraulic,
cable, mechanical linkage. Each of those will have variants and the
differences will make a difference to how and where it is adjusted.

Best you get to it and RTFM.

If only I knew what to measure as I think it's for a millimeter or two of
'slop' between the rounded end of the bolt and the master cylinder piston

But I don't feel that slop in any case.

If you can't feel the play, it doesn't have any.

If it is meant to have play, then fix it so it does.

And I don't know where to measure it either.

For master cylinder clearance - At the pedal pushrod in most cases.
For slave cylinder clearance - at the slave cylinder in most cases.

Hence the question.

Better than 90% of vehicles with standard transmissions today have

Mad MaX is an IDIOT.

Yep, manufacturing tolerances have improved out of sight in recent years.