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Default What to measure when adjusting clutch pedal bolt?

The rod (bolt) needs to be adjusted so that there is about 0.1" clearance
between the end of the rod and the clutch master cylinder piston with the
pedal 'up' (not pressing it). You can't see the piston or where the rod
contacts it, so you have to do it by feel. Push the pedal gently by hand*
until the space is taken up. If you can't feel any space, you might have it
too tight. Back the rod out of the master cylinder until the clearance is
obvious and then gradually extend it. When it's correct, tighten the jamb
nut to keep it in place.

The idea is that the clutch master cylinder has to be able to 'relax' all
the way rearward when not pushing on the clutch. At the last point in it's
travel, the piston opens up the port to the fluid reservoir and lets fluid
in to make up for leakage.

*Feeling the rod clearance is easier by hand. Your foot isn't sensitive
enough to judge the small amount of play.
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