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Default Motherboards Polyphase buck converter.Who start it?

On 1/21/2018 2:24 PM, blisca wrote:

Hi ,
please,forgive the form of my English

i have to repair an industrial motherboard, model ITOX G4S300,
it is necessary to make a machine working,capacitors were already
changed in recent past.

Were ALL the caps changed? I once had a cap over by the video circuit
fail and cause the system not to boot.
Did the system function after that?
What were the circumstances leading up to the current failure?
Disks diconnectd,CPU and memory replaced,tried with onboard and AGP
video card,no video outputs,beeps neither
,the only sign of working are spinning fans .
+12V,+5V and +3V are present on ATX connector

Did you check those supplies with an oscilloscope looking for spikes?
I've had circuits destroyed or weakened causing later failures
from voltage spikes allowed by the caps previously replaced.
I had one repeat failure from a cold solder joint on one of the
previously replaced caps.

The most noticeable thing is the lack of any PWM activity on the gates
of each of 6 MOSFETS forming the buck converter, commonly placed close
to the CPU.

I don't think there's any chance that the cpu can run with no supply
The question is:
is this dependent only by the PWM controller itself or something wrong
from the BIOS (that of course i can't check) or from other hardware
could stop the buck converter from working?
In other words,the PWM should run in any condition or not?

First thing I'd do is look up the specs on the PWM controller
chip, look at the circuits in the app note to see if there's
a control input and look at that with a scope.

Many thanks for your help and your time spent reading this


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Did you check for source volts right at the PWM controller with
an oscilloscope so that you can see if the supply is trying to start?
Fuses in the path?