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Default LG touch switch

LG flatron monitor with touch sensor power switch... won't turn on.
Power supply puts out 5VDC OK.
The power -on/off sub board was very dirty. The sensor seems to consist of a odd shaped piece of foam sandwiched in a fold of conductive fabric .
I am looking for a way to fake/ hack the logic of the touch sensor or better still add a physical on/off switch.
From motherboard I get 5VDC, GND, Key0, Key1, BL0, BL1. all but the BL0 and BL1 are passed on to a five button sub-board which makes me think these two are power-on-off related. THere is a six legged IC "S821"and a 3 legged "A0" (SMT= flatfoot devices all) that I associate with the sensing/power part, plus four LEDs for looks, with four resistors.
Any ideas of what kind of tickling could excite this thing?