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Default Interesting radio I found.

In article ,

I was at a local Salvation Army store and found this radio.

The USB flash drive and SD card ports play MP3 music.

Everything works except the telescoping antenna is broken off (that's
easy to fix, as soon as I find one).

But I'm a little confused. In the battery compartment it says to use UM1
1.5v. The PDF file (above) says rechargable batteries. And there is a
plug for a wall wart listed at 6V on the radio.

In the PDF file it also says D cells.

I dont do much with rechargable batteries. Are these UM1 the D cell
equivalant rechargables?
Just curious, I only intend to run it from the built in AC cord.

This radio was made in 2012 (sticker inside battery compartment).

This is the first portable radio I have ever seen that has a USB and SD
card for MP3 music, and with 7 shortwave bands plus AM and FM it does a
lot. Well worth the $5 I paid.

One other thing, there is a sticker on it that says it has 1000 watts
P.M.P.O HQ sound system.

YEA RIGHT..... 1000W from a 5" mono speaker powered by 4 D cells. Talk
about bull**** advertising....

Has anyone ever heard of a P.M.P.O power rating?

Either way, for mono, it has decent sound, which may output 5 watts

I bet this was a fairly costly radio when it was new....

Back to looking for a schematic for it. I dont really need one, I just
like to have them for everything I own. So far no luck finding one.

Peak momentary power out. I think, but not sure I have heard it as peak
music power. Somekind of advertising bull. I have seen lots of
computer speakers rated for 100 watts or more and inside the box is a 2
watt or less speaker.

It is sort of like a radar pulse where for a microsecond you pulse out
thousands of watts, but the average on the tube is about 5 watts.

Think of it as a capacitor discharging. It will dump almost the whole
load in a microsecond. Same as some newer batteries like in the
emergency car starters that fit in a glove compartment. They will dump
out a few hundred amps for about 3 seconds to get the car engine to
rotate once or twice to get you started.