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Default Need help INTERPRETING these test results police cruiser SAE J866a Chase Test

On Sat, 13 Jan 2018 12:39:51 -0800, Mary-Jane Rottencrotch

On 2018-01-11 12:09, Mad Roger wrote:

It seems there *must* be other *major* factors in braking performance,
other than the friction rating of the pads themselves.

That's a hard logical pill to swallow, for me, which is why I asked here,
hoping the s.e.r folks can enlighten us as to why.

Whats the stupid fixation with the coefficient of friction anyway?

As any fule kno, friction is notionally independent of contact area, and
force due to friction is determined by the coefficient of friction *and
the applied force* so if you want more frictional force, you just need
to press the pedal harder, or have more servo assistance.

Simply ignoring all of the other (engineering) considerations which have
been cited, relating to brake performance in the real world, will not
help you be enlightened about anything. It just makes you look like a
dumb **** trying to be cleverer than your brain permits.

I guess we'll have to give the poor guy a break. I suspect he is a
young graduate engineer who has yet to learn how little he knows.