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Default Need help INTERPRETING these test results police cruiser SAE J866a Chase Test

On Thu, 11 Jan 2018 02:47:38 -0000 (UTC),
Mad Roger wrote:

The scientific question is how do we correctly interpret why EE pads seem
to outperform FF pads in this police cruiser study done in 2000?

Here is the original response to that thread where it was said that SAE
J866a Chase Test EE pads outperformed FF pads.

I can't run my own tests like the police did he

And those tests showed the EE pads CONSISTENTLY outperformed the
FF brakes pretty well across the board - with the FF brakes
SEVERELY underperforming in most cases.

The Dana Ceramic family was the only FF to outperform OEM, while
HawkHead outperformed on both Chevy and Ford - and Raybestos and
Carquest alsooutperformed on Ford in the panic stop test.

Across the board, EE brakes, on the whole, outperformed the FF
and even the EE/GG combination - so what does your friction
rating tell you????????????

What it tells ME is if I buy Raybestos, NAPA, CVarquest, or Dana
(all major OEM suppliers) brakes, I will equal or excede OEM
performance - doesn't make a bit of difference to me WHAT rating
they have.

If I want slightly superior hot panic braking, at the expense
of poorer cold and medium temperature braking I should buy
ceramics - and this is STRICTLY for braking performance.

Now, from REAL WORLD experience, both myFord Aerostrs went
through rotors like crazy - untill I put on NAPA's Carbon
Metallics a set of pads destroyed a set of rotors at about
half of pad life - and I mean TOTALLY DESTROYED, here in
Southern Ontario. That came out at just over a year.

When I went to NAPA Carbon Metallics, the same rotors lasted
for TWO FULL SETS of pads - and over 5 years - and I was able
to actually lock the front wheels on dry pavement (rear ABS only)
- which NONE of the other brakes were capable of doing.

Never looked at the friction rating - never needed to,
because friction rating doesn't tell the whole story
(as your reference so elegantly proved)

You can have 5 different FF pads - and one will be noisy as hell, one
will eat rotors for lunch, onde will corrode as soon as it SMELLS
salt, and another will turn to gravel the first time you get it hot -
ALL FF rated (or ef, or ee. or FE )

The fact it met the test requirements ONCE in the lab means NOTHING
about quality