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Default Bose laser-more info

On Wed, 03 Jan 2018 15:34:27 +0000, Baron

prodded the keyboard with:

So I took apart the case of the Bose so I could clean and lube the
laser assembly. Also used some canned blow off gas to blow any dust
out of the area between the laser and the underside of the lens.
After reassembly the player worked beautifully. The one particular
CD played right off the bat. But after swapping it or another CD,
which also
played, and then putting the stubborn CD back in, it refused to
play. I noticed that when blowing out the laser assembly the lens
would move down because of the pressurized gas blowing between the
lens and laser. So I pressed down on the lens and tried the CD
again. Worked great. After stopping the player and re starting the
CD wouldn't play. Pressing down the lens carrier on the left hand
side of the lens carrier and then trying to play the CD works. After
stopping and then starting the CD won't play. But then pressing down
the lens carrier on the left side makes the CD play again. Anybody
have any guesses why this is happening? It looks to me like the lens
carrier is just suspended by 4 spring wires. But maybe there is
something else that might be dragging. Anybody know how the things
are really made? Thanks,

Look for debris between the lens carriage and the magnet on the side
that is sticking, or the suspension is twisted and its rubbing.

I'll check for debris with a magnifier, thanks. Am I correct in
assuming that the lens assembly is only supported by the 4 wires? That
there are no other suspension components that could be getting stuck?