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Default FreedomPop Franklin 850 Hotspot Woes

Motorola Moto G5 Android 7 single-SIM phone with a cheap prepaid
T-Mobile SIM. When I added the $20 500-MB/month-free-data-for-life
hotspot, the hotspot took over the 'phone' function and, being wifi
only, can't perform it. It provides wifi just fine, but I can't make
voice calls using the T-Mobile 'phone'.

When I try to phone, I get a Freedompop blue screen and the following

"Unable to recognize SIM
Make sure FreedomPop SIM card is inserted properly and in the primary
slot if dual-SIM. Please contact customer support if you continue to
have issues."

There are [OK] and [Manual Login] buttons. Neither one helps. No
difference with the hotspot being on or off.

I also have a phone with a Freedompop SIM, and I think that somehow
SOMETHING is getting them confused.

FP responded to my email in 5 days with instructions for updating the
PRL, which made no difference. When I replied to their email, 3 days
later they sent the same instructions. Awaiting the third response.

I can't find any setting in the G5 that I might change/delete to
eliminate recognition of the hotspot.

If FP doesn't help, I'll phone Motorola next week. Worst case: factory
reset, which is NOT what I want to do under any circumstances.

The little hotspot is perfect for what I want it for -- occasional use
when I'm away from home or any other wifi source, which is rarely. NOT
at the cost of the phone function, though. I can use the google
hangouts dialer with the hotspot, but I'm willing to bet that T-Mobile's
coverage is better than whatever the hotspot uses, and I use the phone
only for 'emergency' calls ("Don't leave, I'm on my way..") rather than
ordinary usage.

The 99-cent FP SIM in the OTHER phone has been really useful (Gas Buddy
usage alone is well worth the price of admission!) , so FP provides an
amazingly good free service -- their CUSTOMER service, OTOH, is abysmal.

Cheers, Bev
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