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Default Parkside multitool sanding pads

On 12/09/2017 07:19, dennis@home wrote:

The main thing is don't run them fast as the velcro heats up and softens.

I have abused the backing pads in the past by applying too much pressure
when sanding and the backing pads have probably become too hot. Once
they have lost the Velcro type surface no sanding sheet, irrespective of
the brand, will stick to them.

Shortly after destroying my backing pad I did see that the ALid/Lidl
multitool tool-set did contain a replacement backing pad. It was
complete rubbish and didn't last very long - and it wasn't abused too much.

I did find a suitable replacement at Saxton Blades which has lasted well.

As for sanding pads I've found the Bosch branded ones to be good but
they are not cheapest. I purchased them in boxes of 50(?).

Consider also that if someone is putting too much pressure on the
(sanding) tool when in use in order to remove, say, a thick layer of
paint then maybe they are using a too fine grade of sanding sheet for
the first pass of the tool. I've found that I use much more of a very
coarse grit paper than I do with a finer grit.

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