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Default Hozelock reel


Andy Burns wrote:

I have a hozelock reel model 2415, could do with swapping over the inlet
and winding handle between sides

It looks like four alignment "prongs" and four plastic hooks hold the
handle in place and other than being awkward to get at, should come
apart with suitable persuasion, any one tried and succeeded (or failed)?

They do sell a kit of spares for about £17 delivered.

I did it, though unhelpfully I can't remember exactly how.
I think I depressed the catch hooks by using long thin screw drivers
and some wiggling.

OK I soon realised it wasn't going to be able to get at it without
removing the shell, of course a couple of the screwheads had rusted
after years of being covered in mud and leaf mulch.

Tried piggling some disposable bits of metal (aka jewellers
screwdrivers) under the hooks, but could only depress two or three at a

tried squishing the hooks with some water pump pliers, but the hooks
flattened and released in the centre but not at the edges.

It was "kill or cure" by this point, so took two pairs of mole grips and
got them locked-on to close the hooks together and managed to lever the
handle off which promptly flew half way across the garden.

The hooks are a bit mangled, but should have enough purchase when I put
it back together. I'm sure the designer was really proud of saving the
company 2p worth of screws per reel ... if it breaks I won't be buying
another hozelock one.