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Default Another heating problem question!

In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Phil Addison wrote:

I . . have just ordered an infra-red
thermometer from CPC for 35 delivered (thanks for the tip,
Moonshine, in thread "Is Grundfos ups 15-50 man enough for 15 year
old 4 bed detached 8mm Microbore CH system")

Got mine after the same tip - works a treat (although I'm not supposed to
use it yet 'cos it's a Christmas present)!

That's fine. You only need to balance the DHW coil if it is to be on
simultaneosly with the CH, but I think a better system uses only one
system at a time, then each gets the full boiler output.

Not easy to achieve with most programmers which use the same on/off periods
for CH and HW. The only way I can think of to do it is to use the main
programmer for HW, setting CH to constant and actually controlling the CH at
different times with a programmable room stat. Is this the accepted way?
Set Square
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