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Default Another heating problem question!

In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
David Hearn wrote:

Thanks for the very helpful hints - I'll report back with the
temperature of the boiler output and I'll give the balancing a better
go. I wasn't aware before that the output pipe of the radiators
should all be roughly the same.



All the radiators are (should be!) connected in parallel - so that the input
temperature is almost the same as the boiler output temperature. If there is
an appreciable difference, it indicates that you are losing a lot of heat
from the supply pipe - either because the flow is too low or because the
pipe is unlagged and passes through a very cold space, such as under a
suspended ground floor.

With all the radiator input temperatures being the same - and with the same
drop across all radiators in a balanced system - it follows that all the
ouptut temperatures should be the same.
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