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Default toilet install

I'm sure this has been addressed a million times so please indulge me:

I'm installing a toilet in my basement washroom. I should say, trying to
install a toilet in my washroom. Each time I put the toilet down and start
tightening up the t-bolts they don't seem to tighten then, before I know it,
they have pulled up both sides of the closet flange bolt holder. I know
this because I have taken the toilet up three times now!

How tight are the nuts on these bolts supposed to be? It seems that you
should tighten until resistance is felt but these puppies just want to keep
on turning. What is causing this and do they need to be tightened to hold
the toilet in place? I noticed the right side is off level so I have
shimmed that side but that hasn't done anything. I even raised the closet
flange with a 1/4" extender flange. I also held the top of the bolt with
pliers as I was tightening the nut to avoid the bolt from turning. I really
am at a loss here!

Thoughts, as always, greatly appreciated

PS: I really want to have this toilet installed as I really have to go!!!

Edee Em
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