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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

trader_4 posted for all of us...

Strangest thing I ever had happen is a phone line with a problem calling
911 by itself. One morning I had no phone service. I figured I'd just
wait awhile. A few hours later, it was working again. In the afternoon,
I had the police here, responding to a 911 hangup call. I told them I
had the phone problem, somehow that must have been the cause. They said
they have heard about it happening before. Later than day, I went out,
when I returned, cop car there again. Same thing. So, this time the
cops notified the 911 people that it was a problem and to ignore it.
I called Verizon and I guess they fixed whatever it was. Looks like
an intermitted short or whatever can send a series of pulses that looks
like the string 911.

Yup, that happens. Usually in underground feeds. I've responded to a few,
they are getting less as they force fiber.

It's worse when the crappy line is the alarm line because the alarm co's
don't check the phone lines until they get stumped.