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Default Best Buy sucks

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On Tue, 17 May 2016 13:40:33 -0400, Ralph Mowery

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On Tue, 17 May 2016 11:52:50 -0400,

I bought an oven on Best Buy (online) on 4/4. Originally the delivery
was 2 weeks, then that became a month and a week, then a month and ~2
weeks, then they just canceled the order, item not available without
informing me in any way (4/22). I did not find out until I enquired
about when they were coming today.

Why anyone would buy major appliances from BestBuy is totally beyond
me. Sane goes gor Home Despot and Lowes.

I had a bad experance on a stove from Lowes. Similar to yours. When I
ordered it I knew there was about a 40 day wait. Got a call about a
month later it was to be deliverid in 2 days, That time passed and not
any call the next day. Called about it and they said it had gotten on
the wrong truck. About 2 weeks later the same thing happened. Emailed
the stove company about what Lowes did and also Lowes headquarters. A
couple of days later a Lowes sales person called and we talked. I Told
them they had a stainless instead of white showing on the computer at
their store. They checked and it was in stock . The wife had changed
her mind and wanted the stainless ,so I told them to send it out. They
did and gave us another 10% off for our trouble.

Where would you buy a major appliance from ? Not too many places to
choose from in the town I am in.

Lots of places here in Kitchener/Waterloo. More just down the road in
Cambridge or Guelph, so even if I lived in Elmira, Conestogo, St
Jacobs or Floradale there is plenty to choose from, most of whom will
deliver anywhere in the area (some for a small charge if "out of
town". If I don't like the local guys I can go to Fergus or Woodstock
and pay a bit more for delivery - and they would put it right into the
kitchen and haul away the old one.

Difference in price between the highest and lowest for the same
product, about 10% to 20% at the very most.

Around here, put the old one to the curb, gone in no time anyways

But YOU still have to manhandle it to the curb.

No, the delivery people that brought the new one did that for me. :-)


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