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Default Poly carbonate handle on attachable toilet bidet...

Oren explained :
On Mon, 16 May 2016 15:44:19 -0700, Eagle wrote:

Oren pretended :
I'm poor at chemistry

The bride wants a bidet added to the toilet. Since about to have a new
toilet (sitting in the garage) installed I figured add one to the
second toilet.

She seems concerned with the "plastic" and mentioned the metal one.

It's a $30 difference in each unit. A little bit of reading, the
polycarconate one would be fine. No children at home. Seems difficult
to break under normal use.

Pics: ("plastic")


The units are made ~20 miles from my house so parts would be easy to
get if necessary.


Yeah do you use a bidet? Spray water on your who who and
scrub using your fingers, or just dab that flower with a bit if toi

A retired Air Force Lt. Col. says it "goosed" her in the her coochie
regions. At first.

Back in the day, I worked with a genuine black muslimer who had this
strange habit he picked up while praying in a mosque in Senegal. He
used the toilet, and since the dunnies are all just tiled holes in the
floors you squat over and launch, the guy next to him had a plastic
bottle of water with a squirt nozzle that He used to wash his backside.
Well he did one other thing that fits into this thread...he used his
fingers to clean his ass while spraying the water.
Yes, he washed his hands afterwards, and walked away with a hand-washed
All this just to have a sqeeky clean sphincter? lol