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Default mail order, packages and delivery

In article ,

We have a variety of home centers, specialty hardware stores, electronic
stores, and department stores nearby. Unfortunately, most local stores
only carry the most generic consumer level items, typically the low end,
low priced items that appeal to the masses. Even the specialty stores
typically have a limited selection.

I can find very specific items online, do my shopping at 5am in my pajamas,
and have it show up at my door in 3-4 days. What's not to love.

I find it very easy to shop on line for what I want and compair prices.
Then look to see if it is stocked by the local store.

Much of the time it is less expensive on line, or the local store does
not stock what I want.

I may order the items on Saturday or Sunday and have them Thursday or
Friday. If I don't need the item right away, it usually gets ordered on