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Default mail order, packages and delivery

On 05/16/2016 07:00 AM, DerbyDad03 wrote:
You appear to be surprised by this. Amazon contracted with the USPS
for Sunday delivery back 2013.

Last week I read Amazon bought an air freight company that will give
them 25 more dedicated 767 cargo jets.

Just as an additional FYI, the USPS also has a contract with FedEx to
be the final delivery service for light weight packages. The service,
known as SmartPost, allows shippers to use FedEx as their contracted
shipper, but also allows them to ship to every U.S. address, including
P.O. boxes and military APO, FPO and DPO destinations, i.e. addresses
that FedEx wouldn't normally deliver to.

Going the other way, I used to haul Avon products out of Chicago. Some
of the loads would go to local distributors but many times the entire
load went to a post office for the last mile delivery. Apparently it was
cheaper to go private carrier from Chicago to Cheyenne or Billings.