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Default mail order, packages and delivery

I have to give Amazon credit. I've seen it offerred for quite a
while, and I put in my cart a ream of nice paper for $5.40, much lower
than other places wanted. They said it was lower and it was.

Today the price went up to 11.40, the standard price, but the good
thing is they took it out of my cart and put it in the "maybe" section
below that. So I wouldn't order it by mistake.

Also, mail delivery is interesting. I'm on Prime for a while, but
I'm in no hurry and I told them they could take 4 days. So they had
plenty of time to deliver this thing and ended up delivering it on
Sunday. From the US post office!! The tracking was accurate and
the package was hidden like I wanted, but strangely the computer
showed the package delivered to my door in the next zipcode, at least
4 miles away.

The strangest is a package that almost made it to my house. It went
to the zipcode next to mine (not the one in the previous paragraph)
where packages often go befor they go to mine. But then it went back
to a DC suburb, where it had already been. And it's stalled there for
6 days now. This is the first problem with a package in 30 years, so
it's interesting, not complainable, but I did tell them about it and
they said they would pay me for it, even though it's not insured.
Makes sense. Only $17 and not one of a kind. (There's a guy who
takes a apparently programmable remotes and makes remote controls for
those that are hard to get**. The buttons are in the wrong place but
other than that, they work fine. It has all the wierdo buttons that a
particular remote has that Universal controls don't have. )

**A replacement for mine was 10 when I first bought the thing, right
from the maker, but now only second hand and the price is up to 40.