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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 2016-05-15, HerHusband wrote:

Unfortunately, we are rarely able to get a cell signal here at home. I'm
not sure why as I can see the cell tower on the hill above us. Must be the
topography or something. We've tried different phones and guests can't get
reception with their phones either.

Lewis Black, the comedian, does an entire bit on this. Talks about
how his cellphone vendor (AT&T?) is unavailable to him in downtown
NYC. He complained to his vendor and they offered to sell him a
"transmitter" to boost his cellphone signal. He then went on to
berate sed same vendor for charging the him $200 to complete the
vendor's "infrastructure".

Well, I thought it was so funny, I cancelled my cellphone service.
Damned if the thing doesn't work jes fine on my wifi modem.