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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 05/11/2016 06:59 PM, trader_4 wrote:


Yes, one way is to do what you said. Disconnect the house wiring
from the phone company at the box and run a wire from the new hub
to the house phone wiring. Or if there is a house phone jack near the
hub, disconnect the phone company at the box, then run a wire from
the house jack to the hub.

Another way would be to put the hub where you have a cordless phone
base station and just use cordless in the house. That's what I did.
You can get a new 4 phones plus answering machine for $50

When I got cable phone, I had a multi-handset cordless phone, and put
the base there their adapter (called a MTA) was going. The company
(Suddenlink) insisted on sending an installer just to plug it in and
that's all I let him do. After the old phone line quit working (it took
almost a day), I disconnected the incoming phone line and used the
existing wiring to connect other phones.

Make sure you never have the new phone adapter connected to the old
phone line.

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