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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 5:08:20 PM UTC-4, Retired wrote:
On 5/4/16 3:41 PM, wrote:

But let me ask another question. I have some old 1960s phone wire. It's 4 wire, and almost stiff. Must be 3 or 4 times thicker than the stuff in my home. If I wire that, directly from the point of demarcation (after the fuses), to the router/modem with RJ45 jack, will it increase the throughput and speed of the DSL connection?

you can put __one__ DSL line filter there and run a dedicated line to the DSL modem and feed all rest of the regular phone lines in the house through the single DSL filter.

As others have said, the DSL will probably not work any better but it does make for a cleaner installation. sometmes easier to troubleshoot problems.


When I first got DSL service, I installed it at an existing phone
jack, with filters on all the other phone extensions. When that did
not seem to work well, I did what Mark suggests (install a whole-house
filter at the NID/demarc), and then used a 2 wire twisted pair
shielded cable such as

to home-run from there to the modem directly. Made a noticeable

Also discovered a quirk of the DSL modem. Over time, as it detected
static, noise, etc on the line that would cause data errors, it would
downshift its speed. I found if I would reset the modem about once a
week, it would re-scan the line to find the highest speed it could
make good data with.

Standard phone co wire is not twisted or shielded.. Adding it helps
reduce interference from electrical noise in the house, (cell phone,
wifi, cordless phone, etc) 22AWG is the same as old-school phone wire.

Note: the above wire is stranded so I tinned the ends for attaching to

Thanks I've made a note of that wiring, to check out as time allows.

Today, my phone service is fully repaired. Honestly, I think they were working on the lines. We'd be the last to know. It went off about 8 days ago, and it seems to me the static came on gradually over a couple of days, then faded to black. Now from black it's faded to static, and now full strength without static. These old copper wires. Hoping the rain won't crash it all again.