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Default EPA caught VW cheating - how does the car know it's being tested?

"The VW cars in queston are DIESEL, not gas. "

I have to admit that at first I didn't catch that. But then I did. However, doesn't the same apply ? The theory of EGR is to starve it for O2 a bit so the burning slows down. That should apply here as well.

But then I am not completely versed in all the pumps etc. these things may use. There was a time when they could not use a catalytic convertor on a diesel. Apparently things have changed. but what was presented really did seem to indicate that turning off the EGR except during a test was the issue. That is the impression I got in the beginning.

However, now other things are coming out, for one the allowing more fuel. But aren't those diesels just like the biguns ? There is no throttle, the injection pump determines the power output. Am I wrong here ? Where the hell would I get such information ? I can't just walk into a car lot and start taking apart their cars to find out.

As far as I know, diesels takes in all the air they can get so there is no controlling the mixture. It needs all that air to ignite the fuel. Putting in more fuel should not cool the burn, just make it burn more. Without a throttle plate the mixture is what it is and there is nothing that can be done.

Therefore the only way to control N2O is by EGR, and the article did state that the N2O may have been 40 times the limit.

Another poster somewhere in thread mentioned they should think about all this gas mileage and consider the pollution produced in the refining (cracking) process. Governments can be pennywise and poundfoolish really when it comes to things that require gray matter. Like what they did to flourescent lights. When I was in business I used them because they were more efficient and lasted longer. It was not a big business so I generally had the 4 foot 40 watt jobs. They lasted many years.

Then they came out with those frikken energy saving jobs and they not only flickered worse when cold, they also did not last as long. they totally disregarded the pollution caused not only by manufacturing more bulbs, but all the **** in the landfills.

One of these days I am going to contact the bleeding heart liberals about this. Lead free solder is used because of planned obsolescence, or actual planned failure to the point of unrepairability. This must stop.

Catalytic convertors are still mandated even though they are almost useless.. At least in gas cars, with the computer they can run so clean they do not need it. In fact they could be tuned for better mileage and performance without it because there HAS to be some pollution and oxygen in the exhaust to keep the cat lit. The mixture cannot be stoichometric, which would be the ideal and pretty much the exhaust, except for mostly nitrogen, CO2 and H2O.. But there would be nothing to catalyse.

Yup, they actually pollute on purpose to test the convertor. How does that grabya ? They are putting gout more heat, and less power and efficiency by mandate.

Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here. At least it seems. The fact is that these politicians are such mother****ers that they may well know EXACTLY what they're doing.

Maybe. Generally, I have found intelligent people to be more trustworthy than idiots. They know the consequences of their actions. They become socially and morally responsible. So that means an intelligent politician might just be an oxymoron.