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Arthur Jernberg
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Default Zenith Rear Projection TV/Model PV4655LK9

Order a complete service manual from L/G-Zenith and repair it to your
satisfaction. It is highly probable the set requires replacement circuit
module(s) to function properly. If you indeed paid the service tech to
diagnose the set then he should have left with you a report as to what items
are needed for comprehensive repair, however if the service was preformed
"FREE" then you have what you compensated for.
"Sarah" wrote in message
I have a Zenith rear projection tv. When I turn it on, it shows a recent
power outage/reset clock message, that fades to almost complete blackness
after about a minute. A repairman spent not more than 5 minutes in it and
produced a perfect picture, but then he said to keep the perfect picture
would cost $500. I did not think 2 minutes worth of work with no parts

worth $500, so he put the tv back to its non-working condition. Does

know what he might have done? Or any course of action I could take? I have

degree in Electronic Engineering and I have experience working with high
voltage, so I am capable of fixing it, I am not experienced with TVs much
and I was hoping someone could save me a lot of troubleshooting with a
I would be greatly indebted to anyone that can help.... Thanks so much
-Lance Stubblefield