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Default Fence panel clips -- I must be thick ...

Hi all

I'm replacing two 6x6 panels in a wind-struck fence.

I can't really use the normal U-shape panel clips, because it would be
extremely difficult to raise a panel high enough to slot down into the
gap between two posts.

So I've been looking at these:

However I can't for the life of me work out how to fix them [properly].
(Can't google any website that shows them in use, and the guys at Wickes
didn't know either.)

There is a big "lip" with a hole in, presumably so that you can get your
screwdriver through the hole in order to fix the clip to the post. (You
can't see them in the pic, but there's a screwhole lined up with that
hole, and there are two screwholes in the small lip at the back, in that

But why is that lip (with the hole) needed at all? The only way I can
imagine to use these, would mean that the lip sticks out proud from the
post - uh?

If anyone can point me at a diagram somewhere that shows how they're
used I'd be very grateful.