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Default What is the best way to cut floor exactly along wall?

On 5/18/2014 5:50 PM, wrote:
I'm dealing with a trailer house with about 15 feet of bad floor along
one side. I recently replaced the floor in the water heater closet in

The goal is to just remove 4" from the wall the entire length of the bad
area, and put down the plywood. I want to get right up to the wall to
remove all the bad flooring and so I have as much of the 2x8 joist
exposed to fasten the new plywood. I may still add blocks of 2x4
between each joist so there is more to nail to.

How about making an auxiliary base for your saw with an angled piece of
wood that would allow the blade (presuming right side) to sneak up on
the wall at an angle, undercutting the particle board?

You could just screw on a piece of wood, close to the blade to tilt the
blade off 90 degrees. Another thought would be a resale shop and drop
$15-$20 on a used, beat to crap circular saw and do some alterations on
the base to get you even closeer.

With the saw set for maximum cutting depth, you should be able to get a
LOT closer to the wall than 4".

Also, when you put the new subfloor in, use screws to fasten it to the
joists, not nails.