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I love to hear stories like these....Real entrepreneurs...
It would be fun to do something similar...
I am busy with sculpture, and is tough.

"Lee Michaels" wrote in message

I read a couple stories about this couple. They started in New York and
moved to California. He is a woodworker. She is an artist. They buy oak
boards and make skateboards. He builds them. She paints them. Without an
kind of marketing, they have become the hot new board for the skateboard

I found this story interesting for a number of reasons. They started out in
their apartment, moved to a truck in the street and worked in their front
yard. They have a shop now. And no big tools. They use power tools, but
everything is hand held and a small bench. She paints them to look like
retro surfboards. They are quality products designed to last a long time.

And it happened all by accident. They started building their own boards and
it grew from there. No business plan, no financing, no fancy digs, no big
shop. A few hand tools and paintbrushes. Two young kids go out and start a
business building things by hand. I remember the crude skate boards we made
40 years ago. These are much better.

I am no skateboarder (borderline suicide activity for me) but they are
considered to be elite suppliers to that culture. Any way, there a a number
of stories, videos, etc out there. Just look up DL Skateboards. Their
website is here.

Google images has some pictures of the boards. Anyway, it is inspiration to
see some kids go out there and make a living and do well working with their
hands. And creating quality products that are built one at a time by hand.
Although this is an alien culture to me, these kids are alright. It also
shows the synergy that happens when a woodworker gets together with an